Full Review: Benefit Tax Solutions


The goal of tax relief is to have your debt reduced and increase the time you have to pay back your debts. Tax Relief companies like TDN are available to individuals and small businesses that aren’t sure how to resolve or even approach their tax debt. These companies know how to work with and negotiate with the IRS on your behalf: what programs you qualify for, how to apply for them, and the process of filling out complicated paperwork.

Benefit Tax Solutions is available nationwide to help with federal taxes, state taxes, and tax preparation. Overall, customers report a positive experience with the company, specifically in regards to customer service.


The professionals at Benefit Tax Solutions assess each the situation of each taxpayer to determine the best approach to stopping IRS penalties and making payments for either the part of or the total amount owed.

Services TDN provides includes:

  • IRS Appeals: If you are conflicted with a decision made by the IRS, TDN will file an appeal on your behalf. Filing an appeal does not require the help of a tax professional, but the IRS is very particular and tax relief companies know how to thoroughly and correctly submit an IRS appeal. There are no guarantees that the IRS will accept your appeal, but Tax Defense Network’s licensed tax professionals will work to perfect your appeals letter.
  • IRS Fresh Start Initiative: The IRS Fresh Start Initiative is one of the most popular options when it comes to tax relief. Launched in 2011, this program is available to individuals and small businesses looking for a “fresh start” with their tax debt: the taxpayer can pay back taxes while avoiding tax liens. There are two main ways to utilize this program: an installment agreement or offer in compromise:
  • IRS Payment Plans and Installment Agreement: If TDN works out a payment plan with the IRS, you pay your debt back over a certain period of time. Qualifying for this program depends on how much you owe, your income, and your previous tax problems.
  • Offer in Compromise: An OIC is a form of debt relief. Those who qualify can settle with the IRS for less than what they owe. This program is for those who owe very high amounts and is difficult to qualify for.
    Innocent Spouse Relief. Couples who jointly file their taxes are both on the hook for those taxes, even after divorce. Benefit Tax Solutions will assess your individual situation to determine if you qualify as an innocent spouse. If they believe you do, they will submit a form to the IRS. If not, their tax professionals will work with you to find another option for tax relief.

Other tax relief assistance that Benefit Tax Solutions provides include IRS Tax Relief (federal tax returns), State Tax Relief, Tax Debt Forgiveness, and Tax Debt Negotiation.

  • Help with Tax Penalties: Benefit Tax Solutions helps with a variety of tax debt circumstances. One of the biggest problems they solve for customers is stopping the following forms of enforced collection:
  • Back Taxes: Benefit Tax Solutions commonly works with those who have unpaid taxes from the previous year. If you can’t pay back the taxes you owe, penalties and interest will incur. If you have years of back taxes owed, you may have a complicated relationship with the IRS and they can file a tax lien for what you owe. TDN works with unfiled taxes, delinquent taxes, and tax audit penalties as well.
  • Wage Garnishments: The IRS can garnish wages through your employer for up to 10 years after just a 30-day notice.
  • Tax Liens: If you do owe back taxes or are delinquent, liens can be imposed at a federal or state level. This means the government has a claim to your property and can seize it if you do not pay back taxes.


Refund Policy
Tax Defense Fund offers a money-back guarantee, but it’s only available for three days. After that, the refund amount is gradually decreased based on the work that has been performed. Tax Defense Network will work to resolve any discrepancies that clients have with their services. This is a much shorter refund window than many of their competitors. Other tax relief companies may offer a refund after 15 to 180 days. At the same time, keep in mind that many tax relief companies do not even have a money-back guarantee.

Customer Complaints
While most of the reviews are positive, about 30% of the Tax Defense Network reviews in 2019 have been negative. Many of those customers are upset that Tax Defense Network was unable to lower the penalties and interest they owed to the IRS. A significant number of people also believed they would have just been able to resolve their tax debt on their own.

Customer service was another issue some people had. Reviewers state that it was sometimes difficult to get anyone on the phone and that messages to the company went unreturned. Keep in mind that other Tax Defense Network reviews report the company as being responsive and professional. BestDebtCompanys.com publishes all reviews from the company’s customers and does not allow any company on our site to pay to remove negative reviews.


Ultimately, Benefit Tax Solutions is a stable company with a stellar reputation offering a wide range of tax relief services and negotiation help. Not only that, but these services are available to anyone who finds themselves in tax debt (because they have no minimum debt requirement and service all 50 states). While we do wish they had a better refund policy, customer comments are still overwhelmingly glowing.


  • Get relief from taxes owed to IRS
  • Protection from payroll garnishment
  • Reasonable fees with financing options
  • Eliminate fees and get help with interest rates
  • Help with Federal and State tax issues