Full Review: Freedom Debt Relief


When you are in serious debt, it can feel overwhelming. This is especially true when you are making minimum payments which only take pennies off the overall balance. Short of winning the lottery, you know you’ll never get fully out of debt. Is there a “non-bankruptcy” solution? Freedom Debt Relief has one, and it’s proven to be a blessing to millions of Americans. How do they stack up? Let’s find out:

Company Overview

In business since 2002, Freedom Debt Relief is one of the most respected and long-lived names in the debt relief industry. While they offer several debt settlement/renegotiation options, they’ve perfected a particular debt relief strategy that is extremely effective (more on this in the next section.)

From the minute you land on the Freedom Debt Relief website, you get the feeling that yes, these folks know what they are doing. Indeed, one of their key strengths is the fact that creditors respect/fear them & when a creditor sees that Freedom Debt Relief is on your side, they know they have to play ball.

As I browsed their website, I noted how simple it is to navigate, while also offering clear information on the various debt relief options. I like it when a website has a “what we do” and “why we’re better” sections & when I am comparison shopping any service, these are important pieces of information. They also do not collect any fees unless they produce results.

What Freedom Debt Relief Does Best

While they offer debt settlement services for every level of debt, they seem to specialize in helping the customer that has overwhelming debt, but is not all that far behind in their payments yet. They have this customer stop making payments on most cards, and instead deposit money into a special account (that the customer retains control over). Freedom Debt Relief will then negotiate a settlement with the creditors, and pays the settled amount out of the account. This strategy is proven effective, it’s better than bankruptcy, and it allows most debts to be completely settled in 24-48 months.

The preceding is not the only strategy they offer, but it is their signature service. They also have plenty of other options, from simple credit counseling to others, and offer plain-English explanations of each (including pros and cons). They also have a handy “Savings Estimator” tool to show you how much you can save monthly by using their service. It’s good to see the real dollars that will stay in your pocket.

Lastly, I simply loved their site ñ so easy, clean, and full of information. And a no-obligation consultation is part of their service too. That’s always welcome

Any Negatives?

Not really. Ok, maybe an online chat would be nice. The only other thing that could be perceived as a negative is the “cons” listed for every debt reduction strategy. But to be honest, I like the truthful, up-front approach Freedom Debt Relief utilizes.

What Others Are Saying

BBB is an A+. They are certified AFCC, and have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and many others. They are as legit as it gets.

Our Final Grade: A

Freedom Debt Relief offers a great service. We’re impressed with their website, the array of debt relief options offered, and by their honest approach. Freedom Debt Relief has it all & the expertise and options to settle your debt while still allowing you control, and the clout that makes creditors take notice.


  • Excellent debt reduction and settlement specialist with proven strategies
  • Allows customers a level of control that other companies do not
  • Has the clout and experience to truly make creditors pay attention and settle
  • No fees unless they produce results
  • Clean, easy to use website and online savings tool