Full Review: Score Shuttle


ScoreShuttle is a rapidly growing credit management software. ScoreShuttle’s technology is designed to help customers obtain their credit score objectives and help consumers stay connected to what affects a score and the best way to improve it. ScoreShuttle provides a variety of monitoring services including credit monitoring, non-credit loan monitoring, financial account takeover monitoring, and dark web monitoring. In addition to the company’s monitoring services, ScoreShuttle provides customers with an automated dispute center, online credit courses, monthly credit score and report updates, and more.

The Good

  • Online Customer Access
  • Customer Service
  • Additional Services

Online Customer Access

ScoreShuttle provides customers with around-the-clock access to an online account. Customers can check their credit scores and access a variety of resources via this online account.

Customer Service

ScoreShuttle offers a solid level of customer service. Customers can contact the company via a Live Chat feature or customers can send a message. ScoreShuttle’s customer support is available 24/7.

Additional Services

ScoreShuttle offers clients a few additional services including identity theft protection services and credit camp.

According to ScoreShuttle’s website, clients can take advantage of the company’s identity theft protection services that include a cyberagent, various types of monitoring (i.e. dark web monitoring, payday loan monitoring, non-credit monitoring, financial account takeover monitoring), real-time Experian credit inquiry and credit limit utilization alerts, and around-the-clock Experian identity support.

As stated on the company’s main website, ScoreShuttle’s credit camp includes “12 expert-tailored courses to give you the know-how needed to increase your credit scores.”

The Bad

  • Limited Online Information
  • Short Time in Business

Limited Online Information

Although ScoreShuttle provides some online information regarding its services, the company’s website does lack some important information regarding its artificial intelligence software, contracts, refund policy for unsatisfied customers, and more.

Short Time in Business

ScoreShuttle is a newer company in the credit monitoring industry and, therefore, may lack the experience as well as the reputation that other, more established credit monitoring companies may already have.


ScoreShuttle offers impressive around-the-clock customer support along with innovative AI and automatic dispute technology, and 24/7 online customer account access. ScoreShuttle also offers identity theft protection services and an online credit camp to all clients.

Unfortunately, the company lacks some website information and is a relatively newer company in the industry. Customers should consider their options and read ScoreShuttle reviews before choosing a credit monitoring service.


  • Their DIY Software does all the work.
  • Automatically removes negative items.
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Higher credit scores mean lower interest rates
  • Easy to use App does all the heavy lifting.