Still Waiting for Your Stimulus Check?

People waiting for stimulus checks need to update their info with IRS by Wednesday(05/13)

It’s been a month and a half since Congress passed a $2.2 trillion economic relief bill.

About 130 million Americans have received stimulus payments from the Internal Revenue Service so far, but millions are still waiting.

The first of several rounds of payments have gone out to eligible recipients via direct deposit, which is the fastest way for the IRS and Treasury Department to get taxpayers their stimulus payments.

The IRS is pushing anyone who hasn’t gotten a payment yet to add their direct deposit banking information to the agency’s ‘Get My Payment’ website by Wednesday. A recent release from the IRS said the agency plans to begin preparing files to send paper checks after 12 p.m. ET Wednesday.

Taxpayers and other eligible recipients who miss the direct deposit deadline may have to wait for a paper check, which the IRS says will begin arriving in late May and into June. About 5 million checks will go out each week, according to a House committee memo.
The IRS has been using 2018 and 2019 tax documents to disburse payments to some, but even people who did not file in those years may be eligible. If you missed filing in 2019, you may need to do so in order to receive payment.

The stimulus payments total $1,200 per person for those who earned $75,000 or less on their last tax return and are prorated for those who earned up to $99,000. Those thresholds are doubled for couples filing jointly, and there is a $500 additional payment per qualifying child.