Do You Have Over $15,000 in Credit Card or Medical Debt? You May Be Eligible to Settle Those Debts for a Fraction of What You Owe

A shocking 2022 study revealed that over 54% of Americans have credit card and personal loan debt with an average balance over $6,000! With the current economic crisis and flat wages over the last 25 years, people have been forced to carry more credit card debt than ever before…and with inflation ramping up, it’s only getting worse. If you are one of the millions struggling with credit card or personal loan debt, it may feel like there’s no way out. You are not alone!

Here’s the Good News

There are new Debt Relief programs available that help Americans, with balances over $15k, settle their debts for a fraction of what is owed. With tens of millions in heavy credit card debt, the time for debt relief has never been more urgent. Credit Card companies know this, and they also know that it’s better to get something – rather than nothing – from consumers who default or declare bankruptcy.

One of the great truths in business is that everything is negotiable. When it comes to the balances you owe on your credit cards, the opportunity to negotiate what you actually owe is as great as ever. Debt Relief programs work with creditors to settle credit card and personal loan balances by a significant amount.

A Debt Relief Plan Could Save You Thousands

By taking advantage of Debt Relief programs, you could settle your debts for significantly less than what you owe! How is this possible? They will negotiate with credit card companies to lower your overall balance and reduce the monthly payments you make, so that your payments go much further to settle your actual debt. If you’d like to get a more accurate view of your actual savings, you can chat with a debt relief representative by clicking here.

It’s 100% free to check eligibility and there’s no obligation.

The best part is this is completely legal. If you take the proper steps, you could have your debt settled in as little as 12 to 48 months.

How to Get Relief From Credit Card and Medical Debts

If you have over $15k in Credit Card or Medical Debt, you can take our free Debt Quiz to get matched with the best program for your specific situation. It takes less than two minutes. It’s totally free and you get instant results. Here’s the truth about debt: Credit Card companies want you making minimum payments. In fact, they would rather you pay month after month, year after year, decade after decade. A debt relief plan can end this cycle and save you thousands of dollars.

Checking Eligibility Couldn’t Be Easier. Here’s How:

Select your age range below. Answer a few basic questions and you’ll get matched with a program for your specific situation! It takes less than two minutes and it’s totally free. It could save you thousands.